First part of the seminar given by Michel Moutounet on the 30th February 2008 during a SIVE course- SupAGRO a Montpellier Moutounet explains the basic principals of tartrate stability: – the chemical equilibrium between the various salts – the various steps of the crystallization phenomenon – the concepts of saturation and supersaturation, the diagram of tartrate stability – how to determine the crystallization temperature of a wine – critical analysis of the tests available at the winery – DIT (degree of tartrate instability) Length 44 minutes For a better visualization of certain images in this presentation, it is advisable to download the pdf file of the accompanying slides (in French) found in the menu on the right. Click on the “play” button in the lower left of the screen to see the video preview


The video-seminars is formulated as a real and concrete personal professional update course lasting at least 45 minutes. Therefore, before starting to watch the video, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a uninterrupted session (ex. make sure you are free of all other engagements for the whole duration, turn off your cell phone and be equipped with materials to take down notes).