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Effect of rootstock on berry and wine composition of new white grapevine cultivar Savilon

Khafizova Asiia, Ph.D., Doc. Ing. Miloš Michlovský, DrSc.; Vinselekt Michlovský a.s., Czech Republic

Effect of rootstock on berry and wine composition of new white grapevine cultivar Savilon

Nowadays the interaction between scion and rootstock with regard to grape composition, in particular phenolic compounds, is unclear. The study and introduction of new rootstocks of different origin is necessary for quality grape and wine production.

In this study the effect of eight rootstocks on berry and wine composition of new white resistant grapevine cultivar Savilon was evaluated over three vintages.

The studied cultivar/rootstock combinations were grown on the same vineyard in South Moravia, Czech Republic. The rootstocks belonged to three different groups of origin were studied: 1) V. berlandieri x V. riparia (SO4, Binova, Teleki 5C, Kober 125AA, Kober 5BB, Craciunel 2); 2) V. riparia x V. cinerea (Börner); 3) V. vinifera x V.berlandieri (Fercal). Rootstock SO4 was chosen as control rootstock cultivar as it is the most widespread rootstock in Czech Republic.

Agrobiological indexes, berry composion (HPLC analysis of 17 phenolic compounds comprising phenolic acids, stilbenes, flavonols, amd flavanols, spectrophotometric analysis of polyphenolic compounds), wine composition (spectrophotometric analysis of polyphenolic compounds and standard chemical wine analysis) and wine sensory analysis were performed over three vintages.

The results of our study indicate that rootstocks influence significantly most of studied phenolic compounds, though it was also shown that the influence of the year is more prominent than the influence of studied factor (rootstock).

The groups of rootstocks showing similarities in phenolic profiles were determined by means of hierarchical cluster analysis. The main sources of metabolic variations of different rootstock genotypes were identified by PCA.


Published on 06/18/2017
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