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    Published on: 06/01/2021

Investigation of wine distillates (chacha vodka spirits) received from Tsolikouri and Rkatsiteli grape varieties

Baghaturia Nugzar, Loladze Mariam, Kalatozishvili Elene - Georgian Technical University, Institute Of Food Industry, Georgia

Georgian chacha vodka can be produced both via processing of grape residues –pomace and from Kakhetian type wine (produced via grape must fermentation).
Due to this, Georgian chacha vodka by its quality became close to brandy, that is produced from European type wine - via distillation of dry wine (produced via juice fermentation) and maturation of the distillate in oak.

The aim of the study was conduction of alcoholic fermentation of industrial Georgian grapes – Tsolikouri and Rkatsiteli musts with presence of various percentages of destemmed musts, preparation of distillates from the received winematerials and their chemical and organoleptic investigation.

In various test samples of Tsolikouri and Rkatsiteli to the juice before fermentation was added destemmed must in amount of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 30%. Alcoholic fermentation was conducted in qvevri. There were prepared distillates from the fermented winematerials; were conducted chemical and degustation evaluations of the distillates.

Analysis of the results showed: the best result during both Tsolikouri and Rkatsiteli juices fermentation, was obtained with addition of 5% destemmed must in the process of alcoholic fermentation. As well, wine distillates received from the mentioned grapes meaningfully differ from each other in chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

In wine distillate from Tsolikouri compared to Rkatsiteli, the following characteristics are higher as: total amount of esters – by 24%; acetals – by 21.8%; aldehydes – by 83.6%; ethylacetate - 2 -times; degustation evaluation - by 0.88 points. Wine distillate received from Tsolikouri grape is much higher in quality in comparison to Rkatsiteli distillate. These distillates are used for the new type chacha vodka production.

Poster presented at Enoforum Italia (May 18-20, 2021)

Published on 04/19/2021
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