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    Piergiorgio Comuzzo, Di4A, Università di Udine; Federico Giotto, Giottoconsulting srl; Gianmaria Zanella, Enologica Vason
    The role of yeast derivatives in the activation of alcoholic fermentation is well known. However, the lack of knowledge about the composition of these products makes their use essentially based on ...
    Published on: 17/02/2020

Variability in the content of low molecular weight nitrogen compounds in wine caused by commercial yeast strains

G. NICOLINI, D. BERTOLDI, N. ZANON, T. NARDIN AND R. LARCHER; Fond. E. Mach - Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'Adige (FEM - IASMA), U. Laboratorio

To improve wine quality today, winemakers need increasingly greater knowledge of the real ability of yeast strains to fulfil several technological requirements, mainly in terms of fermentation performance, aroma compound production, off-flavour minimisation, health and shelf-life sensory characteristics. Consequently, researchers continue to publish reviews and updates on the subject. At the same time, variability ranges related to the plain choice of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain are not always clear for winemakers, who are the final users of this successful bio-technological product. For this reason, this work aims simply to define the variability caused by several yeast strains available on the international market in the nitrogen composition of white wine processed under normal technological conditions.
Published on 27/06/2011
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