The last issue of the research*eu Results Magazine presents eight relevant projects of high potential value for the European wine industry, while at the same time reflecting on the challenges ahead. The special feature is followed by highlights across nine themes of research: health, society, energy, environment, aquatic resources, industry, information and communication technologies, security and fundamental research. The magazine closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.

1 – An autonomous robot to predict future yields

2 – How genetic diversity can help vine growers face climate change

3 – Microwave technology to improve the properties of grape-derived products

4 – The role of ethylene in grape ripening

5 – A robot to control grape growth

6 – New wine bottling techniques could boost the shelf-life of wine

7 – Improved polyphenol extraction thanks to ultrasounds

8 – A network of experts to counter the diseases in vineyards