The concept of sustainability in the wine sector is already applied in several states such as California, New Zealand and South Africa. In Europe, the current legislation is able to certify the grapes but not the wine production. Therefore it would be interesting to apply LCA -LCC in order to assess the environmental impact of wine production, to release environmental labels or to implement programs for the management and control of the winemaking process.

Hence the project Eco- Prowine, aims to offer to European wine producers a suitable method for measuring their ecological footprint, based on scientific principles, and a common reference for defining the labeling rules.

In this video seminar, David Zambrana describes the project, the objectives, the participants, the expected results and invites all producers to participate in the project.

The oral presentation reproduced in this video was presented at the 8th edition of Enoforum (Arezzo, Italy, 7-9 May 2013) in the session “Sustainability – ECO-PROWINE Project”


The video-seminar is conceived as a true professional update course lasting more than 15 minutes. Therefore, before starting to watch the video, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a uninterrupted session (ex. make sure you are free of all other engagements for the whole duration, turn off your cell phone and be equipped with materials to take notes).
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