As in the last Enoforum Editions a questionnaire to collect the participants’ opinions was used to identify the research projects that would be candidates for the SIVE “Research for Development” award (one of the defining characteristics of Enoforum in comparison to other conventions). 

These projects were those considered to be most useful for wine industry development by the oenologist and agronomists.
The evaluation given by the participants was done on a selection of projects that were made by the SIVE Scientific Commitee, which consisted of 50 scientists (28 Italians, 15 Europeans and 7 Foreigners). The selection was completed when making the oral presentation program of Enoforum 2015.
The candidates for the Oenoppia Award (open also to foreign researchers) that will pass to the next selection step are:
Vittorio Del Galdo (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) – Minimal pruning and severe trimming as two helpful techniques to increase the anthocyanin: sugars ratio in grapes 
Olivier Geffroy (IFV Sud-Ouest, France) – Maturity and viticultural techniques strongly impact rotundone concentration in red wines from Vitis Vitis Vinifera l. cv. Duras
Matteo Marangon (AWRI, Australia and Plumpton University, UK) – The hazing potential of different thaumatin-like proteins 
Sylvie Dequin (INRA, UMR1083 SPO, Montpellier, France) – Evolutionary strategies to develop yeast strains producing less ethanol in wine 
Vicente Ferreira (LAAE, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain) – Understanding and managing reduction problems
Matteo Marangon (AWRI, Australia and Plumpton University, UK) – Protease mixture as a viable haze preventing strategy in white wines 
Maria Del Alamo-Sanza (UVaMOX, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain) – Oak barrel and oxygen: comparisons, facts, and hypotheses
The above mentioned projects will be evaluated again during the next weeks by the SIVE Scientific Commitee, the audio and video material of the Enoforum presentations will also be used to identify in June, the winners that will each receive, the €7,500 Award, which will contribute to their respective research projects. 
The presentations presented at Enoforum were video recorded and there will be a section published with these videos on in the next months.