During recent years in Australia there has been a notable increase in wine imports from New Zealand, in particular Sauvignon Blanc wines. In order to be competitive, Australian researchers have analyzed the potential of Australian Sauvignon Blanc, while keeping in mind that the consumer fundamentally looks for grapefruit, passion fruit, gooseberry and bell pepper notes in these wines. 

Biochemical reactions involved in the liberation of tropical polyfunctional thiols (4MMP, 3MH and 3MHA) that can produce a notable aromatic effect, were studied. According to the yeast used it was possible to guide and rienforce the wine aroma based on the production level of these components. Another strategy used that was very successful was based on the coinoculation with strains that had different capacities to transform and liberate these tropical thiols. 

The seminar reproduced in this video was presented at the 8th edition of Enoforum (Arezzo, Italy, 7-9 May 2013) in the session organized in collaboration with the company ANCHOR / VASON


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