Paris is the center of tourist attraction in France. Indeed, between monuments, museums and art galleries, there are many things to visit. However, did you know that close to this city are the greatest French vineyards? Whether you are a wine lover or not, you will enjoy visiting some of them. For this reason, we have selected for you in this article the five most prominent vineyards near Paris that you should definitely visit. You are invited to read this article in order to have enough information about the vineyards of Paris.


Reims is a city very close to Paris and has 81 champagne houses. It is also known as the world capital of champagne, although there are the best. From the capital, the city can be reached by car in 1.5 hours. If you take the metro, it takes just 45 minutes to reach your destination. There you can visit Reims champagne houses and have tastings. Most of them are located within 15 minutes of the city center. This means that a large part of the visit will be on foot. The wine houses you can visit include Taittinger, Mumm, Martel and Pol Couronne. In this city, the champagne houses are very professional and are at the service of all.


Troyes is the historical capital of champagne. Located in the department of Aube, Troyes is a vineyard situated only 2 hours from the capital. The city is full of remarkable vineyards. The first one is in Montgueux, located about ten kilometers from the city center. There, you will have the opportunity to taste champagne with exceptional flavors. Also, you can go to the Jean Velut house where you will be given a guided tour of the vineyard and tastings. For more fun, the Lionel Carreau house has a tasting session in the air. With this city, you will have good wine and your stay in this area will be very memorable and super cool.


This vineyard near Paris deserves its place in this top 5. A true paradise for sparkling wine lovers, it is located less than 2 hours from the French capital. In Épernay, thirteen renowned champagne houses have set up shop. The famous Domp Périgon champagne awaits you for a James Bond-style tasting. Afterwards, you can go to Moët & Chandon to discover its extraordinary cellars. The third cellar that you absolutely must visit in Épernay is that of Champagne Mercier. It is spread over 18 kilometers and can be visited on board a train. Finally, you can finish your trip at the château de Comtesse Lafond to taste its most prestigious vintages.


Located in Burgundy, Auxerre is only 2 hours drive from Paris. In addition to its rich history, Auxerre is a haven for winemakers who swear by the vine. You will have the chance to meet passionate winegrowers who will be delighted to explain their profession and to show you some vineyards. The visit is usually concluded by a commented tasting session.


Situated on the outskirts of Dijon, Beaune is a city that is renowned as the capital of Burgundy wines. In addition to its diverse historical heritage, Beaune is home to several wine producers. Indeed, in this city of the Côte d’Or there are more than 400 hectares of vineyards. On the spot, more precisely at the Jaffelin house, you are given the opportunity to learn more about the white and red wine varieties of the area. Afterwards, you will naturally take a tour of the site which will lead to the traditional tasting session. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the old and new generation cellars in the historic center of Beaune.