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Advanced process control for modern oenology

Giuseppe Floridia, PARSEC | Lisa Granchi, University of Florence | Andrea Uliva, PARSEC

Advanced process control for modern oenology

Modern Enology, from Sulfite-Free Wines to energy conservation, from expression of terroir to fruity and fresh wines in a simple way without chemical intervention.
This has always been the goal of Parsec's advanced control systems that integrate automation and the use of data in the winery in a multidisciplinary approach. 

Giuseppe Floridia, R&D Manager and CEO of Parsec opens the Enoforum module with an introduction on how intelligent systems succeed in making the control and management of all oenological processes effective. From temperature control to micro-oxygenation, from ADCF® fermentation kinetics monitoring and management to the unique Aphromate Plus® that enables advanced management of autoclave refermentation, to the most innovative maceration methods such as AIRMIXING MI TM, which enables complete cap breakdown in tanks of any size while improving the final product and at the same time saving up to 80 percent electricity and 90 percent of labor.

This is followed by a talk by Lisa Granchi of the University of Florence, who presents the surprising results of the experimentation carried out during the 2022 harvest, in which the possibility of exploiting the AIRMIXING M.I. TM technique in the production of sulfite-free red wines was investigated.

Andrea Uliva of Parsec closes the module with a talk focused on the proper management of fermentation kinetics and how the integrated use of real-time data and information allows reducing exogenous correction interventions both during and after fermentation.

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Video recording in ITALIAN, activate subtitles in ENGLISH

Recordings of the module run in collaboration with Parsec held during Enoforum Italia 2023 from May 16-18, 2023

Published on 07/26/2023
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