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    Published on: 01/31/2024


Teresa Garde Ceirán, ICVV, Spain - Stephane Yerle, winemaker, France


SO2 is used in winemaking as an antiseptic and antioxidant. However, it can negatively affect human health, so alternatives to the use of this additive are currently being sought.

An interesting alternative is the use of bioprotective microorganisms that prevent the development of unwanted microorganisms. In her report to Enoforum 2018, Teresa Garde (ICVV-CSIC) presents a work done at the ICVV with Tempranillo grapes, vinified without SO2, this work compares the use of different bio-protection tools.

The use of bioprotectors microorganisms during fermentation allowed the vinification in the absence of SO2, with a greater concentration of volatile compounds that have improved the aromatic profile of the wines.

In the second video, Stéphane Yerle, a consultant for several wineries in the South of France, Spain and Portugal, summarizes the problems afflicting these hot climate zones: wines with a high alcohol and pH, presence of Brettanomyces, lack of freshness, grapes that due to water or thermal stress produce many sugars but do not ripen tannins. In the presentation he shows his experience on how bioprotection can help reduce SO2 levels and give fresher, fruity and attractive wines.

The reports reproduced in these films were presented at the 11th edition of Enoforum (Zaragoza, 31 May-1 June 2018) within the module organized in cooperation with Chr Hansen

Published on 10/10/2018
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    • Bioprotection. Free SO2 Winemaking
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      Teresa Garde Ceirán, ICVV
    • Bioprotection on winemaking. Experiences, observation and application protocols
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Stephane Yerle, winemaker, France
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