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Reducing oxidability and achieving olfactory cleanness in wines – synergy between specific inactivated yeast and physical processes

Marco Li Calzi & Gianmaria Zanella | Enolfactive & Enologica Vason, Italy

The wine market requires more lasting wines as well as net from the sensorial point of view. In order to meet the needs of the current market, the synergy among yeast derivatives and physical processes that allow to modulate the oxygen content and to remove undesiderable molecules, represents a strategic plan for the making of net and long-lasting wines but also with great character. The purpose of this synergy is in fact to enhance as much as possible the original identity of the grapes within a process logic that we define "identification".

To create wines that meet these requirements, we start from the winemaking process with the application of specific X-PRO inactive yeasts that are able to work on oxidation and also on characteristics related to shelf-life such as protein stability, color stability, protection of the varietal and fermentative aromas.

The synergy of these naturally derived products, used from the earliest stages of the winemaking process, with the use of physical processes that involve the use of MMR Plus, Ju.Cla.S plant whose operating principle is based on the membrane contactor, allows the winemakers to achieve these purposes.

The MMR Plus system allows to modulate the dissolved oxygen content in wines as desired to avoid possible oxidation and thus increase their shelf-life, as well as modulate the presence of carbon dioxide even at very low values, so as to be able to search for the right sensory feedback in wines. Furthermore, MMR Plus, thanks to an innovative project, is able to better preserve the aromas of the wines by removing molecules responsible for hints of reduction that affect the sensory quality of the wines. The production of wines according to this synergy is also particularly interesting since the wines will require less use of conventional antioxidants which for the future will be an increasingly strategic issue.

These recordings are from the Conference Session of Enoforum USA (May 11, 2022) in cooperation with Juclas and VasonGroup

Published on 11/09/2022
    • Marco Li Calzi, Enolfactive
    • Gianmaria Zanella, Enologica Vason
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