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    Jean-Claude Vidal, U.EXP-Pech Rouge INRA FRANCE (F)
    Oxygen is one of the major factors in the evolution of wines from grapes to the consumer's glass. How to manage the quantities of oxygen needed in all the stages of its life? How to protect wine fr...
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    Published on: 15/05/2020

Spectroscopy and chemometrics rapid analysis tools for the wine industry

Bob DAMBERGS, Australian Wine Research Institute

To improve the winemaking process it is important to measure and recognize its progress. The wine industry thus needs simple, quick and economical analysis systems. Spectrometry, coupled with chemometry, can provide numerous solutions. Using spectrometry in the visible range and in the near or middle infrared range, often in combination, followed by statistical analysis of the spectra make it possible to measure various soil, grape, must and wine parameters. Dambergs’ seminar, presented at Enoforum 2009, covers a wide range of spectrophotometric analyses, some of which are already available on the market and others that are currently under study and calibration: - soil analysis and differentiation between different regions - vine water balance measurements - detection of grapes affected by pathogens (Botrytis and Mildew) - distillate analysis - yeast strain identification - alcoholic fermentation monitoring - grape geographic origin - grape variety used for wine production - sensory evaluation The presentation ends with a description of a non destructive spectrophotometric system used to analyze wines in bottle and which can identify samples with abnormal oxidation. Lenght: 31 minutes For a better visualization of certain images in this presentation, it is advisable to download the pdf file of the accompanying slides (in english).


The video-seminars is formulated as a real and concrete personal professional update course lasting at least 30 minutes. Therefore, before starting to watch the video, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a uninterrupted session (ex. make sure you are free of all other engagements for the whole duration, turn off your cell phone and be equipped with materials to take down notes).

Access the video-seminar from the menu on the right, at a cost of €25,00 Infowine Pay-Per-View Credits. The fee payment entitles you to 2 accesses. Make sure you have enough Pay-Per-View Credits and if necessary, purchase more or new Pay-Per-View Credits using the menu on the left. Read the “web visualization instructions” before starting to watch the video.

Published on 20/10/2009
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