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  • Antonio Tirelli, Università di Milano, Italy
    Video seminar Enoforum 2017: The aims of this research were to evaluate the distribution of phenols released from wood and the permeability of oxygen of the wood. 
    Price:15 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 15/07/2018
  • Maurizio Ugliano, Università di Verona; Elisa Martelli, Vinventions
    The oxygen present in the bottle is the set of different factors: dissolved oxygen, head space and oxygen that permeates through the cap. These factors determine the variability and the keeping of ...
    Published on: 12/07/2018
  • Antonino Tranchida (Col d’Orcia), Annalisa Romani (Università di Firenze), Michel Moutounet (INRA-ENSAM), Francesca Borghini e Stefano Ferrari (ISVEA)
    The formation of quercetin sediments in Tuscan Sangiovese wines is the subject of QUESTAB, a two-year innovation project co-funded by the Tuscany Region as part of the sub-measure 16.2 of the 2014-...
    Published on: 30/06/2018
  • Luigi Moio, Università di Napoli ‘Federico II’ (I)
    VIDEO SEMINAR ENOFORUM 2017: The volatile compounds identified in wine are slightly over a thousand, but not all of those are really aromatic nor involved in the wine aroma. This presentation tries...
    Price:25 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 27/06/2018
  • Matteo Perini, Fondazione Edmund Mach San Michele all’Adige
    Finalist of the International SIVE OENOPPIA awards 2017: In this work the potential of isotopic analysis of the (18)O/(16)O ratio in ethanol (expressed in d(18)O) was tested in improving the abilit...
    Price:25 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 26/06/2018
  • Panagiotis ARAPITSAS, Dipartimento di Qualità Alimentare e Nutrizione, Fondazione Edmund Mach San Michele all’Adige
    Finalist of the International SIVE OENOPPIA awards 2017: this video describes the role of different metabolites in the sulfonation reactions and shows how a better knowledge of such mechanisms can ...
    Price:25 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 21/06/2018
  • Olivier Pillet, Institute Oenologique de Champagne (F) ; Gianbattista Tornielli, Università di Verona (I)
    Video seminar Enoforum 2017: The growing need to reduce sulphite contents and changing climatic conditions have increased the microbiological risks associated with the pre-regeneration stages of wi...
    Published on: 18/06/2018
  • Markus Keller, Washington State University
    Video seminar Enoforum 2017: Many growers and wine makers do not like rainfall and irrigation during grape ripening, because they fear the water will “dilute” the quality of the grapes. Recent rese...
    Price:25 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 12/06/2018
  • Piergiorgio Comuzzo, Dipartimento di Scienze Agroalimentari, Ambientali ed Animali, Università di Udine
    Finalist of the International SIVE OENOPPIA awards 2017: Sulfur dioxide, ascorbic acid, glutathione and an inactive dry yeast preparation were compared to assess their ability in protecting (+)-cat...
    Price:15 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 11/06/2018
  • Ana Muñiz, FEUGA, Spain
    Innovative technological solution for waste management through the Wetwine project, funded by the Interreg Sudoe program
    Published on: 09/06/2018
  • Magali Picard, ISVV, Université de Bordeaux (F)
    Finalist of the International SIVE OENOPPIA awards 2017: a molecular study, targeting classes of aromatic compounds formed or preserved during bottle ageing, identified the key contributors to the ...
    Price:15 €(Tax included)
    Published on: 09/05/2018
  • Stephane Compant, Austrian Institute of Technology - Alex Gobbi, microwine project - Alberto Acedo, WineSeq
    The plant is not a sterile system but interacts with a community of microorganisms at different levels that make up its microbiome. The study of the microbiome and of both positive and negative int...
    Published on: 18/04/2018
    Through the European Innovation Partnership, the European Community promotes a new interactive approach to innovation by offering, through the RDP, tools that allow the bringing together of agricul...
    Published on: 26/03/2018
  • Etienne Dorignac, Fermentis; Jean Christophe Crachereau, Chambre d'Agriculture de la Gironde – Service Vigne & Vin
    The winemaker is more and more demanding in the selection of yeasts that can make something more than the simple fermentation of sugars. This "more" can be found in nature, but it is rare. Today se...
    Published on: 05/03/2018
  • Florence Fontaine - University of Reims, Nadia Bertazzon - CRA VIT Conegliano, Isabella Ghiglieno -University of Milan
    At the 10th edition of Enoforum a congress session was dedicated to wine-related research financed by the EU, presenting the ongoing European projects for the wine sector.
    Published on: 22/02/2018
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