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WINE RESEARCH in EUROPE: Grapevine trunk diseases, Grapevine viruses, Management of the organic matter in the soil

Florence Fontaine - University of Reims, Nadia Bertazzon - CRA VIT Conegliano, Isabella Ghiglieno -University of Milan

WINE RESEARCH in EUROPE: Grapevine trunk diseases, Grapevine viruses, Management of the organic matter in the soil

At the 10th edition of Enoforum a congress session was dedicated to wine-related research financed by the EU. The following videos cover the presentations of three of these projects:

Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases (COST Action FA1303)
In response to the strong demand at European level of innovative strategies for the control of grapevine trunk diseases, in 2013 a Cost action began, a network of research projects aimed at fostering European cooperation in the field of scientific and technological research. Florence Fontaine, in her speech, describes the research activities carried out and the knowledge acquired during the four years of activity on the areas of interest pursued: pathogens and epidemiology, microbial ecology, interaction between pathogens and disease expression and finally management of illnesses.

Knowledge and management of vine viruses (Pathogen)
The knowledge on vine viral diseases is often very poor both at the level of producers, but also technicians or consultants. Pathogen is a project dedicated to training, born in 2015 with the objective of improving the knowledge and management of these diseases by providing tools to promote professional training. In her presentation, Nadia Bertazzon describes the organization and functioning of the learning platform developed for this purpose.

Viticulture Innovative Soil Organic Matter management (Vitisom)
This European LIFE project for the protection of nature and biodiversity, arises from a problem observed very frequently in vineyards: the lack of homogeneity due to natural conditions, but also to wrong choices made when the vineyard was planted. The main objective of the project is to develop an innovative technology for the management of organic matter in the vineyard through the adoption of variable input techniques. For this purpose, several prototypes of machines for the distribution of compost were created; those machines allow to calibrate the dosages of compost according to the effective vigor of the vineyard.


Published on 02/22/2018
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    • COST Action FA1303 - Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Florence Fontaine - University of Reims
    • PATHOGEN (Erasmus+) – Knowledge and management of vine viruses
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Nadia Bertazzon - CRA VIT Conegliano
    • VITISOM (LIFE+) – Viticulture Innovative Soil Organic Matter management
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Isabella Ghiglieno -University of Milan
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