New approaches to the vineyard microbiome

Stephane Compant, Austrian Institute of Technology - Alex Gobbi, microwine project - Alberto Acedo, WineSeq

New approaches to the vineyard microbiome

The plant is not a sterile system but interacts with a community of microorganisms at different levels that make up its microbiome. The study of the microbiome and of both positive and negative interactions (occurring not only in the vineyard but also in terms of grapes and wine) can make it possible to understand the most interesting approaches and practices from the oenological point of view.

In order to deepen this topic, Biome Makers, after creating an online database with all the information currently available on the subject, has developed Winseq, a system for monitoring the microbiome through algorithms that associate data on soil and plants and that allow to prevent the risks associated with the diseases and to improve the quality of the wine.

The round table organized on the occasion of Enoforum 2017, through the intervention of experts in the field, analyzes some key aspects of the microbiome: Influence on the plant, link with the terroir, correlation with plant diseases, influence of climate change, techniques available for the study of the microbiome, effects on economic and environmental sustainability.

ModeratorAdrián ferrero, Biome Makers

    Stephane Compant, Austrian Institute of Technology 
    Alex Gobbi, Aarhus University 
    Alberto Acedo, WineSeq

The round table in these films was organized at the 10th edition of Enoforum (Vicenza, 16-18 May 2017) within the module organized in collaboration with Biome Makers

Published on 04/18/2018
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