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Enology - Technical articles

The wisheli Project – Improving the shelf-life of Umbrian white wines

Francesca Borghini and Stefano FerrariISVEA srl, Via Basilicata s/nLoc Fosci, Poggibonsi (Siena), INTRODUCTION In the market of young white wines, consumer preference is for products with varietal, floral and fruity aromas as well as bright and vibrant colours. Producers make considerable efforts to meet these quality requirements from the management of the vineyard to […]


Technical articles - Viticulture

SalViBio: from local viticultural biodiversity new opportunities for viticulture adaptation to climate change

Pier Giorgio Bonicelli, Ginevra Canavera, Riccardo Collivasone, Silvia Pagani, Mario Gabrielli, Tommaso FrioniUniversità cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza – Italy One of the pressing challenges for Italian viticulture is to find new solutions to cope with climate change. Rising temperatures and lack of rainfall are in fact having serious repercussions on the productivity and quality […]